Taramasso Ranch

Truly Pastured, Free-Roaming, Heritage Hens

Buff Orpington


The Buff Orpington hens lay beautiful brown eggs. They are excellent layers and generally good-natured birds, although we have found that they can get a little “broody” in the springtime and become cranky during egg collection. It was this crankiness that led to our “do not disturb” policy during the day. When hens are laying throughout the day, we don’t bother them to collect their eggs. At the end of the day, however, any hen still in a laying box prior to closing up the doors for the night, gets pulled out to avoid them trying to hatch their eggs. We have two Buff Orpington roosters on the ranch, and both are extremely mellow toward humans. They are known as the Buffington Twins and do their part to act as lookout for predatory birds and other dangerous visitors.