Taramasso Ranch

Truly Pastured, Free-Roaming, Heritage Hens

Silver Spangled Hamburg


  • We just love the name of these beautiful birds. They are a white egg layer whose history goes back beyond memory in both England and Holland. They have a reputation as prolific layers of medium to small sized white eggs and were commonly known as "the Dutch Everyday Layer." If you are considering these birds for your own flock, be warned: They fly like nobody’s business. Most chickens can go straight up and straight down, more or less. The SSH’s can manage one and sometimes two mid-air maneuvers. They are some of our best escape artists. If your yard is secure, you’ll be fine, but if your fences are on the low side, or you don’t have an overhead net to keep your girls in, you will definitely need to clip wing feathers to keep these girls contained. We have a rooster in this breed and he is a spectacular beauty. He’s also very timid around people and tends to be seen all around the yard, hence we’ve taken to calling him “Ranger.”