Taramasso Ranch

Truly Pastured, Free-Roaming, Heritage Hens

Pearl White Leghorn


  • These girls were new to our flock in 2012 we have learned a lot about them as they’ve grown into mature laying hens. They are a hybrid breed that has been developed in the last 45 years to “lay early, lay often.” They are most often found in factory farm settings, which is pretty much the polar opposite of the lifestyle our birds live here at Taramasso Ranch. The leghorns were prized for their ability to withstand confinement. In a free-ranging situation they are happy, inquisitive and precocious. These are the girls that test the boundaries of all of the gates and fences and find the most out of the way places to lay their eggs. We have a couple who have managed to find alternative roosting spots at night. While we fear for their safety, sooner or later we’ll figure out where they are sleeping and get them back into the barn where we can assure their safety. In the meantime, they are happy, prolific egg layers for us.