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Blue Andaluasion


  • The Blue Andalusian is a stunning breed. The roosters are a beautiful “blue” bodied bird with striking black back and tail feathers. The hens are smaller and all “blue” or almost lavender in color. The hens can be a little high strung but they are well worth the slightly extra effort of keeping them calm in your flock. The breed hails from the Andalusia provinces of Spain. In homage we have named our rooster and hen Andy and Lucia. There’s more to this breed than meets the eye. They are currently on the list of “threatened” birds from the American Livestock Breeders Association. Even more interesting, the Blue Andalusian was used in research by Gregor Mendel, the father of modern genetics, in his research into eye color. If you’re interested in breeding Blue Andalusians, the first thing to know is that when breeding you will get approximately 25% black speckled, 25% white speckled and 50% the blue recognized by the APA.