Taramasso Ranch

Truly Pastured, Free-Roaming, Heritage Hens

Welcome to Taramasso Ranch in Napa, California!


In 1953 Harold and Jean Taramasso moved their family to 4104 Old Sonoma Road just outside the city of Napa.  Harold grew apples and pears and eventually became a chicken rancher.  Jean grew tomatoes, kept their home and raised three boys before their daughter came along.
Taramasso Ranch segued from apples, pears and chickens to a few head of cattle and then purebred Arabian horses.  Harold and Jean passed on, the boys all married and moved away, and the daughter stayed behind….to become a chicken rancher.
In 2011, Joan Taramasso and Matthew Blach started out with 29 hens.  It was an interesting move for Joan, being scared to death of birds, but amazingly, with Matt’s unbridled enthusiasm, the fear of birds disappeared and a love of chickens began.
Now Taramasso Ranch is the home to over
1000 laying hens, mostly heritage breeds, whose eggs are beautiful, delicious and nutritious.  The pastured, free-roaming life of the hens creates an egg that most anyone will enjoy.  To learn more about us….

Information on the chickens in our flock, where to buy our eggs, links to our friends and colleagues who are chicken-friendly and other fun and informative stuff are found here. Be sure to take a look through our photo album to learn the history of  Taramasso Ranch and just how we ended up with more than a thousand hens.
In the meantime….eat more eggs!


Matt & Joan

Mom, Dad, and brother Jay on the Ranch in 1962.

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